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scabies pictures:Scabies (from Latin: scabere, "zero"), also known as Norwegian scabies or colloquially the seven-year itch, is a contagious skin infection caused by a mite Sarcoptes scabiei. The mite is very small and usually not directly visible parasite that burrows under the skin of the host, causing intense allergic itching. Infection of nonhuman animals is caused by a different but related mite species, and is called scabies.scabies pictures
Scabies is classified by the World Health Organization as a disease related to water. [3] The disease can be transmitted from objects but is most often transmitted by direct skin to skin with an increased risk of prolonged contact. Initial infections require four to six weeks become symptomatic. Reinfection, however, scabies pictures may develop symptoms within 24 hours. Because the symptoms are allergic, their delay in onset is often reflected in a significant delay in relief after the parasites have been eradicated. Crusted scabies, formerly known as Norwegian scabies,scabies pictures is a more severe form of the infection often associated with immunosuppression.

The characteristic symptoms of scabies infection include intense itching and shallow holes. Tracks burrows are often linear to the point that "line" four or mosquito "bites" more orderly and also developed closely placed,scabies pictures as it is almost diagnostic of the disease.
In the typical scenario, the itch is aggravated by heat, and commonly known as the worst night, perhaps because there are fewer distractions. As a symptom, it is less common in the elderly.scabies pictures
The superficial burrows of scabies usually occur in the hands, feet, wrists, elbows, back, buttocks and genitals.scabies pictures [Except in infants and immunocompromised individuals, the infection usually occurs in the skin of the face or scalp. Burrows are created by the excavation of the adult mite in the epidermis.
In most people, the trails of burrowing mites are linear or s tracks in the skin, often accompanied by rows of small flies like pimples or insect bites. These signs are often found in crevices of the body, as in the bands of the fingers and toes, around the genital area, and under the breasts of women.scabies pictures
Symptoms usually appear two to six weeks after infestation people never exposed to scabies. For those who have been exposed previously, scabies pictures symptoms may appear within a few days after infection. However, it is not unknown for symptoms to appear after several months or years. Acropustulosis or blisters and pustules on the palms and soles of the feet, are characteristic symptoms of scabies in children
scabies pictures

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